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DermaPlaning Facial
All skin types (except cystic acne). Anti-aging, exfoliating pigment reducing
Refine your texture, increase cellular turn over and glow with dermaplanning. This treatment gently
removes layers of photodamaged, rough, dull skin along with “peach fuzz” preventing it from growing
back thicker or fuller. This exfoliating treatment is a great solution for those that are pregnant as well as
those whom want to brighten their complexion without any downtime. Dermaplanning also enhances
the results of laser treatments. This treatment also boasts a customized treatment complete with
extractions, customized mask and finishing treatments to address your skins specific concerns.

LuminaSkin Ultimate Facial
All skin types (except pustular rosacea)
Achieve healthy radiant skin with visible results in a single treatment. This treatment features medical-
grade microdermabrasion that exfoliates dead skin cells and encourages collagen production. Enzymes
are used to dissolve the remaining cells to condition the skin for extractions. Then a medical grade mask
or resurfacer is selected based on your skin needs to immediately help improve quality of your skin.
Then customized finishing treatments are applied along with SPF. You will leave looking and feeling your best.

Nurturing Enzyme Facial
All skin types, reduces redness and inflammation. Ideal 7-10 days post laser treatment
Utilizing redness reducing antioxidants and exfoliating enzymes, this treatment will leave the PH of your
skin well balanced and deeply hydrated. A combination of hydrating serums, fruit enzymes and plant
extracts provide firmness, adding moisture and suppleness to your skin. This is the ideal treatment for
clients looking for an introduction to professional grade skincare, sensitive skin and those in between
laser treatments.

Clarifying Facial
Ideal for acne oily skin types
Clarifying Facial treatment is designed to detoxify, clear skin congestion, control acne and normalize the
skin. Begins with a deep cleansing to reduce surface oils, impurities and dead skin. Following a gentle
enzymatic mask will facilitate the extraction of non-inflammatory breakouts, clogged pores and
blackheads removal from the skin. This will help keep your pores clear and minimize breakouts. Next, we
perform extractions to remove debris. We conclude with a hydrating infuse serum mask to calm and
smooth your skin. Our Clarifying Facial will promote balance, a healthy skin condition and bring back
your radiant complexion. An excellent treatment for acne prone to severe acne skin.

Fire & Ice Resurfacing Treatment
All skin types
iS Clinical Fire & Ice is a medical grade treatment designed to resurface and rejuvenate the skin. Hollywood’s best kept secret reduces fine lines, stimulates cellular renewal, reduces blemishes, refines texture and hydrates the skin. This lunchtime treatment works for most skin types with no downtime or peeling.

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